Not (just) another web design company!

ActiveCS have one simple guiding principle; 'to bring big budget standards to small budget projects'. Our past experience has been working within larger companies and delivering new media communication projects to some of the UK and Europe's best known brands. We now bring that experience to those businesses whose budgets would not normally stretch to being able to afford this quality of workmanship.

In the last few years web design has become a devalued product. Almost anyone can download a trial copy of Dreamweaver and (for 30 days at least) build their own website. Being able to design and build a website and being able to do it well however are two very different things.

Your website is the global face of your brand. Let's put it another way: If you were going to print up some leaflets for a mail drop, would you take time to ensure that they were readable, that the images looked good and that the quality of printing was the highest standard you could afford? What if that mail drop was going out to billions of potential customers every day? Would you take a lot more care then?

ActiveCS care about your image so why not contact us to see how we can make your online presence work.




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