ActiveLight Gold

The next step for the growing business.

As your site or business grows you need to communicate more to your customers, ActiveLight Gold gives you the option of sub level pages (pages linked to from one of the main menu pages) giving your site a greater depth of content. This is ideal if you need to expand on the information in your main pages.

More of a booklet or brochure than a leaflet, ActiveLight Gold is most suited to customers who have much more to say about themselves.

ActiveLight Gold:

Web Pages 15 (inc. home page) comprising of 5 top level pages and a total of 10 sub level pages
Copy Limit up to 500 words per page
Images 2 images per page (not including logos)
Designs Styles 3 design styles
Themes 3 colour themes within each style
Price £749

ActiveLight Gold packages cost from just £749 - if you want to get your presence off the drawing board and onto the web then contact us now.

As standard, these sites can be customised and expanded upon from our range of "Additions".

Remember to ask us about other extras that can help your site rise above the others, including web hosting, domain name registration, maintenance deals, photography, copy writing and search engine optimisation.



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