Rich content drives any good web experience. However, we realise that as a client you may have a lot of other priorities. After all, we are a small business too and we know how hard it can be getting content together. Fortunately we are here to help you.

To generate effective web content we start at the beginning, by the use of 'creative workshops' both internally and with the client. We can identify where your content needs to be adjusted and where it needs to be created. We have access to a pool of copywriters, photographers, illustrators, games designers - anything in fact to ensure that your website is as content-rich as possible.

Technical writing

We have worked in the past with a number of technical copywriters - if you need help in this area we can provide it for you.

Marketing copywriting

Getting the message across is vital in such a competitive medium - we understand that producing hard-hitting copy is not everyone's forte. Again, we can provide copywriting experts who have experience in advertising and have worked with some of the UK's largest brands.

Training and educational copywriting

Online training is a multi million-dollar market worldwide. As a company you could save thousands by streamlining your internal training provision. Individually we have worked with some of the UK's largest providers of online and CD Rom training applications and can bring that expertise to you.


In a market where virtual businesses spring up overnight and disappear just as quickly it's important to know who you are dealing with. Good photographs can bring your site to life. We have access to photographers in order to ensure that your web presence is more than 'virtual'.

One major pitfall of experienced web designers is falling into the trap of using copyright controlled images on commercial sites. Usually the designer has long gone when you get handed the bill for image licensing or even worse a solicitor's letter. When we can't provide the images ourselves we will ensure that the images you want are thoroughly checked for copyright control.

Digital images produced for the web are generally not good enough quality to be used in printed media. When we provide photography for you we will give you the option of having high-resolution images taken at the same time - giving you the chance to use these images in any printed media you require.

Flash, DHTML & Gif animations

Animation can add dynamism to a web page or multimedia project, but too much can make your site too 'busy'. Whether its Flash, DHTML or simple Gifs, we will ensure that animation is used sensibly and in a way that complements rather than competes against the design and your message.

Flash games

We have proven expertise in providing Flash animated games for high profile clients such as Wilkinson Sword.

Viral marketing

How do household names become 'household names'? By not shouting about themselves but by having others do the shouting for them, word of mouth is one of the most effective forms of advertising there is. These days we tend to use the phrase Viral Marketing but essentially it's the same thing - let your customers and site visitors become your advertising medium.


At Active we have access to illustrators in a broad range of styles to suit your project. It's a lot more than creating a few fancy buttons; effective illustration whether it's technical or creative can bring your communication project to life.

Corporate ID

A good corporate brand can say everything about a company - so can a bad one. Our designers have developed many logos and corporate style guides for new businesses as well as evolving ones.


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