E-business is becoming more sophisticated every day - the time of small web companies who only provided a site for a client is coming to an end. We believe that your website should be an integral part of your communications and marketing strategies. If you have taken the time to get your printed communications and marketing right, you won't want to be let down by your web presence.

We have the experience to look at your overall communications strategy - whether this is web, offline electronic media or print. Whether you are targeting customers /partners through broad advertising or direct marketing. We can provide you with the components to ensure that you target the right markets and the right people.


We realise how precious your brand identity and values are to the success of your business. Too many times companies invest large sums of money on developing their brand only to have it poorly represented online. At Active we work hard to not only preserve your brand's core values but to present them online to their best effect.

For those companies whose brand identity is still under development, we can work with you to provide the strategic thinking required to move it successfully to an online environment.

Finally we are experts at working with start up businesses too! We can help you establish a brand identity and value set. We can provide both the design and the strategy to ensure success.


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