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Content management

Managing the transactional functions of your site is great. But for real flexibility and smart working you need to be able to manage your site's content. A good web site needs to be dynamic as users can quickly turn off sites that never change. Having the power to keep your site fresh improves 'stickiness' as visitors return for more. Choosing a content management system can be one of the most perplexing decisions you have to make. Some systems can run into tens of thousands, but at Active we can help you decide what's right for your organisation.

DB integration

So you have your shopping cart and you've got your content management system in place - where to now? Integrating your site's content with a back-end database will give you all the flexibility you need to be a fully functioning online business.

Active's personnel have worked as consultants in online commerce, content management and customer relationship management for some of the UK's largest companies - names like Standard Life, Bank of Scotland and Scottish Power. Talk to Active - talk to the people who helped to define the standards.


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